So I woke up drunk, naked​.​.​.

by Donkeylips

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Blake - Bass
Ru - Guitar
Dan - Drums/Vocals
Bread - Guitar/Vocals


released February 14, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Adam Cress in Portland, Or



all rights reserved


Donkeylips Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Neck Piece Dude
I wasn't slated to speak at all, but I will
Made my way across the back of the world only to end up in California
Sleepin' on my friends' couch
I know your name, Danielle

T-shirt and tie
A new place in time
The smallest sip will do

This may not last long
But it's proven fun for now
For now

We've come so far
Since when we started
We're growing apart
'Cause all that you love will soon be carried away
Track Name: Okok
You wrote your name on some walls, but no one knows who you are
No one knows who you are
You took a fuckin' risk, still we know you don't deserve this.
No one knows who you are

Kicked some fool in the head
I hope my letters reach your room.
They haven't yet, but I think that they will soon
Now you're sleepin' in the pen
You said that you would be alright, but I knew you were the furthest thing from fine.

We're waiting
We hope to see you soon.
Track Name: Fleas Boys
This dead dog's old blood, it fucking sucks
But I'm afraid so I think I'll stay
It may be a matter of a few days
Before I'm forced to find a new stray
This is all I've ever known
Still soon I'll have to go

Fleas on a dead dog
There's no point to this song
But it still drags on

You said you need more time alone to think about...
You said you need more time for you
Track Name: Telephone Heats
I'm sorry if i've made this hard
But I'll swear it's all your fault

Waking up from a dream where I drove drunk
There's bruises on my arms from I don't know, I don't know what
My head feels slightly heavier, then it usually does
Surprise, surprise, surprise
I'm still drunk.

And I'm tired
But I still have to go to work

Then i step outside and the sun's so fucking bright
I realize I don't have a reason to feel so bad
Go ahead and move on
Because everything is going to turn out just fine.
Track Name: Pizza (maybe)
Crayola Graffiti
And I took the day off work, so I could drink lean
I'll have pizza maybe
But I gotta smoke before I eat and hope I feel better in the morning

I'm running out of styrofoam cups
Maybe it's a sign that I'm drinking far too much

But I still keep a full cup
Of muddy 7-UP

Maybe I'm too old for this
I should probably call my mom
But I probably won't
Because it doesn't matter
In this life
If you're happy than who gives a shit
I'm content I'm content I'm content
Oh well
Oh well
Oh well
Track Name: Bumbly Bimbly
You can't go home again.
Has it been so long?
You can't go home again.
But I miss my mom.

And my grin looks like it splits around the back of my head.
You're just another sad spoiled white kid
And you thrust your fists against the post
But still insist that you see the ghosts.
Track Name: Bill
What took you so long to answer?
Oh, you were still in bed.
Well it makes me awfully nervous that you never invite me in.

If you don't like it, put in your thirty days.
If you don't, you'll have to find a new place.

The coldest house on the nicest street.
And when it rains the windows to the basement leak.
Oh well though, 60 cheese boys house
Where I find the coldest basement.